Covid-19 Update! 

(We are open for our community during this unprecedented time for Carry-out/Delivery and Limited Dine-in M-S: 11:00 AM - 9:45 PM)

Order Online 

By clicking here for Pick-up/Delivery

Support us by ordering directly via above link versus our third party partners. We are proud and honored to be part of our community!!! Hope to continue serving our community in the future!  

Family Promotion: (Free 6 Garlic Rolls or Free 2 Litter Soda or 10% off ) on orders of $30 plus!!! (Your choice)

Valid Monday to Thursday for Carry-out Only: In-store orders or via phone orders only (Not valid on the website or via third party delivery platforms such as GrubHub) :-)

We are hiring servers!!! Please apply in-restaurant or submit it via clicking here!

Special Hours: We are excited to be open on July 4th from 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM for Dine-in and from 11:00 AM to 8:45 PM for Carry-out!

Covid-19 Update!

We are here for you in this social-distancing!!!

We are open for Carryout/Curbside Pick-up and Delivery via / and as always we are utilizing industry food preparation standards during current times. We are continuously enhancing our protocols for the safety of our Community. Our community safety and health are our number one priority.

Few of the things we have done to further enhance the safety for our guests and the community:

  • Added seamless transition method with 6 feet social distancing for guests while inside the restaurant (with ropes, 6 feet distance tape on the floor, arrows on the ground and wall, two way walking system so people don't run into each other.....)
  • Added a Glass Divider at the counter to prevent close interaction
  • We are offering Curb-side pick-up
  • Partnered with third party to provide contact-less delivery option such as and
  • We are requiring all team members to measure body temperature prior to coming in the restaurant
  • Educating our team and the community with templates all across our kitchen and in the front on: How to properly wear and remove a Face Mask; How to wear and remove gloves safely; Washing hands for minimum 30 seconds; How to breath seamless with Face mask on; and Further basic to do's and not to do's in the current environment.
  • Contact-less entrance to the restaurant: You can now enter the restaurant via your shoes with no-need to touch the door handle
  •  Contact-less CC payment in-side the restaurant with apple pay
Additional steps to be taken to provide a completely Contact-less experience:
  • Online-ordering directly on this website (To be implanted by 07-02, currently you can place on order via phone/ / and in-person)